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Carpet & Upholstery Protection

 Do I need to protect my carpets?

When good quality carpets are made, they may already have protector applied, but no protector is permanent! It wears off or is weakened from:
  • Age and everyday foot traffic
  • Harsh cleaning solutions
  • Spot cleaning agents
  • Deodorising or disinfectant sprays
Premium and Upholstery Protector will help your carpet and furniture stay cleaner and stain-free for longer. Each time your carpet is professionally cleaned, reapply to prolong the life of your carpet and the comfort of your valuable investment. If you leave carpets your carpets unprotected, they are more vulnerable to:
  • Permanent staining
  • Worn looking traffic areas
  • Spills that won’t clean up so easily
  • Soil that clings to your carpet

What will carpet protector do for me?

Premium Protector will give you the highest level of carpet protection available. Keep your carpets looking showroom fresh! Treated carpets are completely safe for children and pets. In fact, by treating your carpets you are ensuring you can keep them cleaner and healthier for your family.
  • Help protect against accidents
  • Helps prevent unsightly, ugly dirt spots
  • Traffic areas stay cleaner
  • No more panic over spills or dirt being tracked in from outdoors
  • Helps to keep your carpet looking in good condition
  • Saves you money, you won’t have to prematurely replace it due to stains and soiling

How will this make my life easier?

Treated with Premium Carpet Protector, the spillage temporarily sits on top of the fibres, giving you time to blot it up without leaving a stain. On an untreated carpet, the liquid would soak straight in, making it much harder to remove and possibly causing permanent staining.
  • Allows more time to clean up spills
  • Makes spots and spills easier to clean
  • Your carpets will last longer
  • Reduces wear and abrasion, especially in high traffic areas
  • Protects against food, drink and dirt
  • Safe for your children and pets