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Exterior Stone Cleaning In Devon

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17th August 2018
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22nd October 2018


External stone cleaning in Devon.

Slate and granite stone, amongst others, can look beautiful when they are first laid outside for your steps, patio or driveways. But soon after a few years of being exposed to the elements they become dirty from soil, sand, rain and other elements.

Protecting stone tiles.

When the stone tiles are first laid outside, they are not protected with a protector from the elements. This leaves the stone open to damage from weather and use. Common damage can include rust marks from the bottom of patio furniture.

What does our cleaning service do?

Our stone cleaning service includes deep cleaning the stone, cleaning up years of soil, mud, rust and other dirt. Once the cleaning is complete and the stone is dry, we then treat the stone with an impregnator. This impregnator soaks into the stone and protects the stone from the elements and everyday use. Water and spillages with simply sit on the surface of the stone. Making it easier to mop up. Our protector also helps water from soaking into the stone and freezing in cold conditions. Once the water freezes it can cause the stone to become weak and damage can occur in the grouting.

We also clean interior stone flooring.

As well as cleaning exterior stone we also clean interior stone in kitchens, bathrooms and throughout your home. Each interior cleaning stone job comes with a free bottle of stone and tile cleaner. This bottle of cleaner helps you to keep your floors clean and tidy in between professional cleaning.

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