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Executive Cleaning Services (SW) Ltd are celebrating 30 years operating our family business in 2018.
21st January 2018

We carried out a marble polishing job in Teignmouth, Devon. Please see the link below to watch our YouTube video of the job. This job was carried out over 2 days. The first day was to clean and polish the stone. The second day we impregnated the stone to protect it from accidental spillages from becoming permanent staining. As with all our jobs the customer was left with a cleaning kit to help them maintain the cleanliness of the stone in between professional cleaning visits.

Marble Cleaning And Polishing

The first step of an marble cleaning job is to clean the area fully. This is carried out using our stone cleaning machine with our chosen cleaning pad plus our very effective cleaning solution.

The second step is to ensure that all the grout lines have been cleaned and are returned to as white as we can get them.

We then replace the cleaning pad of the machine with our first chosen grit of polishing pad. We can start as low as 200 grit to start preparing the stone to be polished.

We work over a small area at a time and go up through the grits. We can go up as high as 15000 grits to get a truly beautiful finish on your floor.

after the cleaning and polishing has finished we need the flooring to be fully dried and we need any underfloor heating to be turned off for at least 24 hours. This ensures that when we come back to apply the protector it soaks properly down into the natural stone. Once the impregnation has almost dried we buff the area with our machine and a white pad.

The customer is then given a bottle of cleaner and a cleaning mop to help them maintain the flooring in between professional cleans.

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